French Dinnerware Manufacturers

French dinnerware manufacturers create the most beautiful china and transform mere household dinnerware into objects that are at once practical and refined.

french dinnerware manufacturers

Here you'll discover a multitude of collectible and treasured dining tableware pieces listed daily on eBay at unbelievably low prices from French dinnerware manufacturers.

About Haviland French Dinnerware Manufacturers
Robert Haviland was born into a landowner family near New York in November of 1803. By 1830, his father had become interested in fine China, and sent his sons to France in 1839. In 1842 Robert's brother, David, founded a China decorating workshop in Limoges; and by 1853 he established his own factory. Robert and his own son, Charles Field Haviland, joined the firm that same year. Charles, born in 1832, took his middle name, Field, from his ancestral connection to the famed astronomer John Field (1525-1587).

In 1858 Charles Field Haviland married the granddaughter of François Alluaud, Limoges chinamaker since 1797. Charles eventually bought out the business of his wife's grandfather, and began signing its product with his own name. He retired in 1882. In 1924, Charles Haviland's grandson, Robert, founded his own factory. By 1930, he moved operations to Hyacinthe Faure Street, where they still exist, in the heart of Limoges, one of the most famous of French dinnerware manufacturers.

french dinnerware manufacturers

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