Melamine Dishes Microwave Safe and Great for Outdoor Living

Melamine dishes are microwave safe and versatile. Dinnerware sets come in a variety of colors with bold, bright patterns or delicate reproductions of classic china tableware.

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Melamine dishes provide a sturdy alternative with durable tableware for setting a colorful table indoors or out.

We've found a huge selection including hard-to-find melamine oriental bowls and toddler melamine dishes. We've also found many colors like black melamine finishes and melamine mixing bowls - brown and blue.

Melamine dishes are valued because they are lightweight plastic, durable and resistant to water.

The British line called Beetleware, made of urea plastic, a precursor to melamine dishes, was the first plastic plate. Beetleware was promoted for use at picnics, because it was lightweight and reusable.

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American Cyanamid Company first developed a successful melamine in 1937. During World War II the Navy sought unbreakable melamine dishes for use on rough seas. These lightweight, break and shatter resistant dishes were not available to consumers until after the war. The first well-known brands of melamine dishes were Melmac or Boontonware. Melamine dishes were promoted as affordable and colorful. This was in contrast to the serious, heavy, precious and expensive earthenware or porcelain dishware sets which were previously available. Melamine dishware has not lost its fun, and today there are new designers taking advantage of the bright colors and affordable fashion the material provides.