Towle Flatware The Chippendale Pattern

The Towle Flatware Chippendale pattern is a classic line by one of the great traditional silversmith studios in history. It is a graceful blending of beauty and functionality to create a classic table setting. As with any fine tableware line it does not matter whether the individual pieces are sterling silver, silverplate, hollowware or stainless steel.

The Towle silversmith’s created the Chippendale pattern in both sterling and stainless and enjoys popularity to this day. The Towle legacy of craftsmanship and quality is born from the traditions founder Anthony Towle acquired from his diligent studies with the Moulton family silversmiths of England.

Example of CHIPPENDALE by TOWLE, Description: STERLING, 1937

Decoration: A classic silhouette with a delicate bevel and flared finish at the tip.

Chippendale was also created as STERLING, HOLLOWARE with the same silhouette.

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Brief histories and cross-references of more than 1600 manufacturers with more than 2400 monograms and marks illustrated. Considered the most comprehensive reference source on the subject. The authors clearly devoted much time over several decades researching many, many sources – including editions of Trademarks of the Jewelry & Kindred Trades, U.S. Patent Office records, silver and jewelry catalogs of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers, records of companies still in business, and pieces examined in antiques shops all over the country. The 4th edition includes additional trademarks and companies. Also records changes in company ownership during the last decade. read more details