Western Stoneware Dinnerware

Western Stoneware Dinnerware also known as Monmouth Pottery - carries the distinctive mark of the maple leaf. It is characterized by its gloss brown glaze and high quality clay.

Western Stoneware Dinnerware Co. has been continuously producing dinnerware sets since the late 1800's and still uses clay from the same mine where it was initially discovered. You can buy pieces today directly from eBay listings below.

A Brief History of Western Stoneware
western stoneware dinnerware

In the mid 1800's, families from Colchester, England immigrated to Illinois and created a new settlement with the same name. Many of these settlers had been potters in England and quickly discovered an ample supply of clay in the area. Western Stoneware dinnerware production opened a few years before the turn of the century and continues to offer high quality natural stoneware from that location to the present day.

By 1906 the plant had a capacity of 6 million gallons of Western Stoneware dinnerware a year, creating stone crocks, jugs, butter churns, jars, dinnerware and other stoneware products.

Western stoneware dinnerware

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